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 MBSR – 8 Week Mindfulness Course


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Mindfulness is a quality of human consciousness characterized by an intentional accepting awareness of, and enhanced attention to, the constant stream of lived experience.


Being mindful increases engagement with the present moment and allows for a clearer understanding of how thoughts and emotions impact our health and quality of life.


Although mindfulness is an inherent human capacity that has been examined introspectively for millennia, scientific interest in mindfulness is burgeoning in the fields of medicine, psychology, social work, and business, as well as other areas.


Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) has been at the heart of this interest and development, and is still the template for most modern mindfulness based interventions and clinical trials thereof, such as Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy and Mindfulness Based Relapse Prevention.


MBSR was developed in 1979 by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, and led to the establishment of the Center for Mindfulness, in Medicine, Health Care and Society, University of Massachusetts, at which more than 20.000 patients has benefitted from the program.


Mindfulness training, in the form of MBSR, develops and cultivates a solid inner foundation from which any kind of stress and challenge can be met in a more balanced and healthy way.


It is an intensive training that teaches participants to draw on their inner resources and natural capacity to actively engage in caring for themselves and finding greater balance, ease, and peace of mind.


Upcoming Courses with interaction in English:

There will be an 8-week MBSR course, commencing 30 January 2014 at the Institute of Sports Science and Clinical Biomechanics, University of Southern Denmark, Odense Campus. The course will be taught in danish, but since a few of the pre-registred participants have english as their first language, dialogues and interactions with the teachers in english is welcomed.


The course will be taught by Eve Bengta Lorenzen & Robert J. Jørgensen, and will occur on:


(i) Eight Thursday afternoons from 15:00 to 17:30 (January 30, February 06, February 13, March 06, March 20, March 27, April 10, May 15), plus


(ii) One Friday from 11:00 to 17:30 (March 21)


The course fee will be DKK 5,500 for private participants, DKK 3,500 for students and DKK 7,800 (incl. VAT) if a company or organisation pays.


Bookings via kontakt@mindfullife.dk


About the Teachers:

Eve Bengta Lorenzen is a fully trained, and highly experienced MBSR Teacher, with a strong meditative background.  She has for several years been involved in teaching and development of Mindfulness at The University of Copenhagen and at The Multidisciplinary Pain Center, Rigshospitalet. She is author of several books and cd’s on working with mindfulness.


She will be teaching the course at SDU together with Licensed Psychologist and MBSR Teacher, Robert J. Jorgensen, with whom she is also teaching, educating and mentoring mindfulness instructors in Denmark and Internationally.