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En ny undersøgelse har set nærmere på hvad mindfulness og ikke mindst hvad meditativ dialog kan bringe ind i vore nære relationer.


Læs et resumé (på engelsk) hvis du overvejer et af vore kurser der giver dig en indføring i Mindfulness Based Dialog (MBD), som fx The Power of Mindfulness 4 – Relations & Dialogue


A recent review paper investigated the use of meditation in couple’s therapy. Meditation has been shown in numerous studies to increase activation in areas of the brain associated with identifying others’ emotions, as well as with empathy and compassion. The cultivation of mindfulness has also been shown in neuroscience and psychology research to reduce rumination and reactivity, which also has an obvious benefit throughout the process of couple’s therapy.


Indeed, there are many studies which have directly shown that mindfulness and meditation practices lead to greater intimacy and positive communication in relationships. The paper noted that couples typically “are able to observe themselves from a calmer more measured place, becoming less activated and more accepting of themselves and their partners”. One study commented that mindfulness “reduc[ed] the intrusion of past negative memories”, and that this was complementary to fostering new relationship patterns.


Another important contribution of mindfulness was a greater degree of self-compassion, less self-judgement, and consequently a healthier relationship with oneself: “In order for there to be a strong sense of compassion for one’s partner, one must have a strong sense of empathy and compassion for one’s self… It is as important for each member of the couple to develop a separate self and life as it is to develop connection, intimacy, and a relationship that will survive the storms of life”.


The study also discusses a case study of couples therapy using “Meditative Dialogue”, essentially a method of easing into discussion from a two-person guided meditation practice.


The author writes:
“Being able to truly hear the other, creating a new frame for the relationship, and developing new meaning together, appears to change the dynamic so that it feels alive and always characterised by ‘beginner’s mind’ and a sense of deep inner listening.”


Lord, S. A. (2017). Mindfulness and Spirituality in Couple Therapy: The Use of Meditative Dialogue to Help Couples Develop Compassion and Empathy for Themselves and Each Other. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Family Therapy38(1), 98-114.